The recent presidential election in Taiwan, held on January 13, 2024, has drawn significant global attention due to the escalating tensions in the Taiwan Strait. The election featured three prominent candidates representing different political parties vying for the presidency.

Top 3 Candidates and Their Parties:

  1. Democratic Progressive Party (DPP): Candidate: Lai Ching-te

  2. Kuomintang (KMT): Candidate: Hou Yu-ih

3.Taiwan People's Party (TPP): Candidate: Ko Wen-Je

The election results aligned with public opinion polls, with Lai Ching-te leading his opponents and ultimately winning the presidency.

Let's use Gematria Decoder to search for the candidates name and see what it reveals.

A quick search with gematria decoder shows the following result:


The results show that Lai Ching-te is the only one connected with the word 'President' with the value 52, aligning with the real-life fact that he indeed became the President of Taiwan.

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